Konsepti Design Talk: Piero Gandini

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"If you are not curious, forget it". Achille Castiglioni

Within the framework of the award-winning Canapé by Soffa project (winner of the Designblok 2018), we organized a debate in which Piero Gandini (CEO Flos) recalled in an interview with Prof. Michel Fronek (Olgoj Chorchoj) to Achilles Castiglioni, who would celebrate his 100th birthday.

The Castiglioni brothers have been working with the Flos brand since its inception and have made a significant contribution to its worldwide success. They are the authors of the Arco, Toio, Taccia, and Snoopy lamps found in the collections of the world's most famous galleries and are among the biggest product design icons. All these iconic lights can now be seen in our Flos showroom.

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