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Are you building a new home, constructing or refurbishing? Maybe what you want is just a radical change of your flat, restaurant, hotel, cafe or office. As you may suspect, you are dealing with a very important, individual, partly intimate and certainly financially challenging step. The feelings and impressions keeping you company (you are spending ample time with) at work or at home are essential for the quality of life and work. It is your unique world and legacy, a reflection of your personality, so you are paying utmost attention to it. We in Konsepti have 20 years of experience and are able to create an original, individual and cozy space for life, joy and work.

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Initial Consulting

It is absolutey key and free of charge. We will agree on a mutually convenient date with you and you will meet our architect or consultant. Ideally, for your first appointment bring a blueprint, photos or at least a preliminary idea of what you hope to achieve in the project. We will try to correctly assess the problem and the requirements and, most importantly, get to know each other. We will offer you our first impressions, opinions and solutions. The first consulting session will reveal if Konsepti is capable of fulfilling your wishes and if we would make a good team together. In the end, we will save you plenty of time and worries. Mutual trust and willingness to cooperate is essential.

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Process and price


In the case of mutual interest in further cooperation, we will present you a project layout and a price offer. The cooperation can have various phases, extent and realization of your choosing. Usually, we start with a spatial study, followed by a complex interior study, containing the disposition solution, basic element typology, colour palette and materials. The next step is the interior project and execution drawings/blueprints. The author's supervision is possible as well. In no phase are you tied to stock interior elements or Konsepti's assortiment or dealers. The design must be independent and completely subject to the requirements and the best result. The standard A/D price list can be found here.

Course of Cooperation


Together we will decide the content and extent of the cooperation, the corresponding number of hours, schedule and our remuneration. You can spend anything from thousands to tens of thousands of crowns. You may stop us at any time after the completion of a signle phase ordered. After the payment of the amount agreed the results of the work are yours and you may deal with them as you please. Maybe you will decide to pursue the project further with someone else or even finish it yourself. But that is not very likely. When a design or project is complete, we may part ways or you might decide to realize the project partially or fully with us. You will familiarize yourself with our dealers and services. Upon the purchase of our deliveries or services for the project part, you may get up to a 100% discount. You can find the details in the offer or our A/Dservice price list.

Konsepti Architects

zkušení architekti

MgA.Hana Severová Architektura/Design | Konsepti Praha +420 774 934 799
Ing. Tomáš Hnaníček Architektura/Design | Konsepti Praha +420 777 768 857
Ing. arch. Tereza Stambolijská Architektura/Design | Konsepti Praha +420 773 794 743

Our team Konsepti Architects Vision is led by Mgr.A. Hana Severová, graduate of the VŠUP in Prague, with wide experience with the realization of both private and public interiors. She gained the expereinced practice during several years at the ADR studio (arch. P. Kolář, arch. A. Lapka), where she worked for the most demanding clients and concerning appartments, houses, residences, summer retreats, mountain cottages, restaurants and offices. The team is complemented by other exprienced colleagues with several years of relevant experience. Kitchens, bathrooms, built-in elements and doors are handled by our specialists. The key quality is that everybody is strong even on site, they can command and manage the project. That way you can get rid of most problems and stress usually generated in course of the project.

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LUXURY & originality that is furniture
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Spolupracujeme s top značkami jako je Vitra, B&B Italia či Capellini. Opravdu s mimořádným respektem spolupracujeme s nejlepšímí architektonickými studii. Ale jsou situace, kdy přebíráme i roli architekta. A naší silnou zbraní je perfektní znalost problematiky interiérového designu a stovky úspěšných realizací během 25 let. Máme intenzivní kontakt s s nejvyspělejšími na světovém trhu, sledujeme nejlepší architekty, designery a realizace. Kreativní návrh podložíme i perfektní znalostí produktu z pohledu komfortu, kvality a dalších užitných vlastností. Víme co navrhujeme!

Vitra Vitra
B&B Italia B&B Italia
Cappelinni Cappelinni
Flos Flos
01 Praguesirens singing school
02 Private interior, Prague Trója

Realizace by konsepti

Naše realizace jsou to nejlepší co si můžete dopřát. Společně určíme obsah i rozsah spolupráce, odpovídající počet hodin, harmonogram i naši odměnu. Utratit můžete jednotky i desítky tisíc korun. Zastavit nás můžete kdykoliv po dokončení objednané etapy.
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