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For  architects

Why work with Konsepti as an architect?

We have more than 30 years of personal experience; Konsepti has been on the market for 25 years. We have the most comprehensive product portfolio. The level of our services is renowned. We enjoy the respect of suppliers both in our country and abroad. We can provide the best conditions. We have stood the most demanding tests. We know the responsibilities and complexities of the architect’s work. The supplier must be 100% reliable. We can provide services and even do magic beyond the realm of possibility. We bring things to completion and sometimes even further. We never walk away from unfinished projects.

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Who will you be working with?

In the beginning, the CEO or business manager will talk to you about the principles and strategy of cooperation. The entire responsibility for the project always belongs to one of the most experienced consultants - they are not only good businessmen, they know the product, the course of orders, but they have also been through the test of fire. This is your main partner. Each consultant has at least one expert assistant available, depending on the demands of the project or project manager. Comprehensive logistics is managed by a specialized department. Assembly is performed by a very experienced team of colleagues, who have been working for Konsepti for almost 20 years.


David Řezníček Founder / CEO | Konsepti Praha +420 266 199 452
Lucie Řezníčková Key Account Manager | Konsepti Praha +420 602 336 963
Veronika Zuzová Sales Consultant | Konsepti Praha +420 724 281 773 +420 266 199 452
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