refurbishment and reconstruction

refurbishment and  reconstruction

Nestavíme celé domy, ale opravdu umíme dobře nadstandardní rekonstrukce a interiérové stavební úpravy (tzv. fit-out”). Pracujeme s nejlepšími v oboru - zděné, kovové a prosklené konstrukce, SDK, VZT, obklady, podlahy, sanita, elektro, osvětlení, inteligentní řízení, výmalby, tapety i stínící technika. Klíčem úspěchu je vždy prověřený odborný subdodavatel, kvalitní materiál, věrohodný rozpočet, precizní koordinace a důsledná kontrola. Nikdy neodejdeme od rozdělané práce, otevřeně a pružně řešíme vzniklé problémy, komunikujeme s klientem a respektujeme jeho očekávání, dojmy a názory.

Why konsepti for reconstruction or refurbishment?

Prerequisite of Success

A refurbishment or a reconstruction can in many ways be as demanding as building from scratch. An underestimation of the scope and difficulty of work in regards to the timeline, finances and the course itself can become a huge risk. The older the house is, the more current design and technical drawings are missing and the higher the potential risk of unwanted complications becomes. Even small modifications can be painful, especially when carried out during normal function of the home or office. The basic prerequisite is a choice of experienced partners, thorough preparation, maximal openness and skilled management of the whole project.

Professional team

The foundation is formed by the Client-Architect-Dealer triangle. Pragmatic relationships without trust, respect and open communication will not result in the expected outcome. In reality, even more parties are involved: who manages the project on behalf of the client, securing the author's supervision, the position of the contractor's project manager. The key thing being whether the client prefers a general contractor or whether he seeks savings through a more complicated network of many contractors. An effective coordination forms the base of multi-party cooperation. Apart from architects, Konsepti offers experienced project managers, budget managers, verified contractors as well as its own assembly and service technicians.

Verified Contractors

The sheer extent of our company's portfolio entails a wide range of expertise and specific professions: demolition; vertical construction (walling, rendering, scraping); metal, wooden and glass structures and partitions; floors; ceilings; heavy- and weak-current installations; heating; air conditioning; sanitation; tiling and paving. Afterwards, lighting, intelligent systems, shading, painting, wallpapering, laying of floor covering, interior textile, acoustics. Finally, one may conclude with embedded furniture, kitchen, sauna or a complete wellness and even garden landscaping or terrace equipment. All the options mentioned above are secured by verified and experienced partners for whom we take full responsibility.

Price Setting

The budget comprises of seperate prices for particular components. Every professional delivery includes the price of material, labour (manufacturing, installation), material transfer, equipment protection (packing) etc. In addition, items corresponding to the costs of normal operation (construction site set-up, appropriation of land, crane for moving material, security, insurance) supplement the price. The total price contains/involves the complex project management during the whole course of the realization, assurance of legal guarantees, warranty and post-warranty services. The coordination surcharge for external contractors ranges from 8 to 12 percent.

Course of Project

The realization of the project can take a month but also a year. The initial consulting is supposed to provide the maximum amount of data for a detailed assignment, which forms the basis of a high-quality project documentation. Konsepti brings forward a detailed price offer and the project timeline. Capturing the key points and moments while coordinating the separate contracts is critical. Inspectional days involving all parties are the instrument of communication as well as the inspection protocol, which enables flexible operative control on site. The project concludes with the take-over of the construction and the delivery of professional manuals, maintenance instructions and personnel training. Possible flaws and defects are removed within the established deadline.

The civil code establishes the basic obligations regarding the quality warranty, except for the warranty on lighting, some upholstery material etc. The minimum warranty is 24 months, but we are able to offer 60-month or even 10-year warranties on selected elements and materials. The rights, obligations and methods of warranty enforcement and providing service are always included in the contract or optionally in the General Terms of our company. The warranty is unconditional and applies to all the delivered elements including those from abroad. In reality, we often provide fulfillments and operations beyond the scope of our contractual obligations because, for us, a realized project is not a terminated business but rather a way to future cooperation and a good reference.

Warranty and guarantees

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