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Lasvit: a local brand with an international reach. Designed by leading international designers, the Lasvit lighting jewels are manufactured in Nový Bor and sold all over the world. They adorn luxurious residences in London, Singapore, Beirut, as well as the Dubai metro station, and can also be found in the 'kingdom of diamonds' aka Tiffany's, Taiwan. As of now you can explore these breathtaking artefacts yourself in our Holešovice showroom.


Lean Jakimič was born in Liberec. He studied in America and for several years lived in Hong Kong. It is then of little surprise he and his wife Lucie co-founded a glass-making company with a vision to become known internationally. The company Lasvit emerged in 2007 (the name being a connection of two Czech words láska – love, and svit – light) and managed to reach a billion turnover only after seven years of its establishment. Focusing primarily on hotels, restaurants and public buildings at the beginning, the company has gradually shifted its attention to residential projects whose owners seek and appreciate unique design, authentic craftsmanship, and inovative technology – attributes that lie at the core of the company's ethos.


Today Lasvit has a portfolio of over 3000 light installations located worldwide. There are 14 countries which operate their own Lasvit showrooms, for instance, Shanghai or Dubai where the brand launched its international activity. Leon Jakimič established the company with a straightforward vision: to make the world more beautiful. The main objective was to introduce glassmaking that brings together unique design, craftsmanship, and technology. The brand's creative vision is co-created and conceptualised by its Art Director, Maxim Velčovský, and brought to life thanks to leading designers such as Arik Levy, Lucie Koldová, David Rockwell and many others.


Translating nostalgia into contemporary forms, the Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus duo designed a collection of lights called Neverending Glory which in their minimalistic shapes suggest the contours of chandeliers located in five famous buildings. The designers' unique take on the chandeliers hanging in La Scala (opera house in Milan), the Bolshoi Theater (Moscow) or the the Estate Theater (Prague) can thus be enjoyed whilst swinging above any dining or side table. Both refined and simple – they are a pure visual delight.


We shall stay in the past for a little longer. In the first half of the 19th century, the Nový Bor glass-maker Friedrich Egermann invented a new lithyaline glass technique which gives the material a polished finish resembling the surface of a precious stone. This technique has been recently revisited by the designer Lukáš Novák. His Spacey collection comprises several variously sized ball shapes – planets, reminding one of a small trip to the universe.


Let's toast to nostalgia. Ideally with a glass of champagne which as af flowed over the connecting lines of the Cipher light fixtures. Exuding timeless elegance, the work of the designer duo Yabu & Pushelberg will most definitely catch your eyes. The strict geometry balanced by curved shapes gives a beautiful harmony. Thanks to this, the piece will fit any interior style.


Lollipops everywhere you look; on the table, on the floor, and even hanging from the ceiling. The designer Boris Klimek has made use of his playful nature when designing the Lollipop collection 

for Lasvit. Six pastel shades in organic shapes are setting off on a fantasy journey to transform every room into a small gallery or Japanese anime story. 


Besides product design, the Israeli designer Arik Levy is equally interested in the art of sculpture (for reference, see his Mirror Metals plastic artwork in Paris). He has woven his passion into the Crystal Rock luminaire evoking shimmering fragments of translucent rock. The stone fragments (either of 3 or 5 pieces) can be adjusted and hung to different heights. Everyone can create a composition exactly to their liking. 


The Japanese designer Nendo is a self-proclaimed design addict. Hearing this proclamation, the whole world applauds him as thanks to his addiction, it is enriched by neat and simultaneously refined pieces that draw inspiration from traditional Mingei craftsmanship. The Press lighting design is unique mainly due to the light bulb being placed in the top compressed part of the piece, hence, lacking the need to use a standard metal structure. Simply a genius solution.

Are you completely dazzled? Visit our showroom or online store to pick your jewel from the Lasvit portfolio.


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