Kartell brings its first collection of sunglasses

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Kartell Eyewear is the first ever collection of sunglasses presented by this world-famous designer brand. At first glance, the original pieces are connected to the creation of interior products, and this creates a unique opportunity to literally put the brand on your body.

The Kartell Eyewear collection represents a total of 100 models of sunglasses. It consists of two collections - the main one, designed directly by Kartell, and the designer one. As with furniture, the brand offers many different materials in the production of glasses, which are skilfully combined. The result can be seen in unique geometric shapes, different shapes and thicknesses of eyeglass frames - all designed to resemble Kartell's most popular product collections.



Designer collection with renowned names

Design Collection Kartell Eyewear contains a total of 32 unique models of glasses, the creation in which took part 4 well-known designers: Ferruccio Laviani, Piero Lissoni, Fabio Novembre and Rodolfo Dordoni. Unique fashion lines were created, which are very distinctive and each one of them has the creativity and individualism of each of the authors written in it.

A fashion accessory that underlines your personality

The common feature of the sunglasses in the main Kartell collection is its sophisticated design. The TRANSPARENCY line presents spectacle frames in the latest shades of Kartell colors, which are transformed into very elegant fashion accessories. The materials are dominated by metal and plastic, both in glossy and matte versions. The brand also honors its manifesto "Kartell loves the planet" in the production of glasses. The products wear the KartellBio label, which means that all the frames are made from sustainable acetate obtained from cotton and rare wood fibers.



All glasses from the Kartell Eyewear collection can be viewed, tried on and bought in the Konsepti showroom in Holešovice, Prague. This is an exclusive offer, so you can get the glasses only at the physical store in Prague. We will be happy to advise you on the choice.

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