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Interior design is like a mirror that reflects the mood in society. While in the last decade we've sought calm and security through timeless minimalism and monochromatic colour palettes, current trends show that we're ready for bolder combinations. The current trends are dominated by the golden seventies embodied by soft velvet, rounded curves, natural materials and bold motifs. 

What do the contemporary 70s look like? They bring back rounded softness and add sustainable manufacturing and modularity.


Leather, linen and wool 

Individual brands conceive of the new trend each in their own way. The Italian family-owned Molteni&C focuses on tempting luxury enriched with playful touches. It clads its rounded Glove-up chair in wool, linen, leather or velvet and adorns it with a harlequin pattern. The new version of the 1930s Blevio table combines metal, marble and oval corners. The Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa completes the trend-setting collection with a rounded stand-alone piece in the form of the Cinnamon armchair rendered in gracious shades of caramel, coral or plum.


Ecology & nostalgia 

Baxter and Andreu World are also taking us to a new territory of colour. The bright blue Elli armchair matches the "pattern" of the Aran rug (Electric variant), also available in Nude and Aquamarine so that it can be combined with a sofa and other pieces of furniture. The Spanish brand Andreu World takes the new trend even further combining nostalgic colours and shapes with an eco-friendly approach. The result is the Bolete Lounge BIO armchair which can stand on its own or be arranged in a circular composition so typical of the 1970s. "We wanted to create an armchair that can spark a conversation and create an unexpected piece of intimacy at the same time," says Patricia Urquiola, the piece's designer. The ergonomically shaped armchair meets the principles of circular economy, fits into public and private spaces and is available in a vast range of colours including "pop art" shades such as zinc yellow, strawberry or raspberry.


Soft on the eye and to the touch

The Teatime tray by Philipp Starck for Kartell also smells of sweet summer. Its pattern is very seventies but it comes with a contemporary bonus. Modern technology has given it a textured surface and the material is also sustainable – the tray is made from eco-friendly plexiglass. Thinking back to 1970s films most people will remember the carpets. They were literally everywhere including the bathrooms. We can erase that impractical memory but we will gladly welcome the soft touch of cosy floor coverings again. Very seventies yet timeless is the K-Lim rug from the K Factor collection by the designer Rodolfo Dordoni. It is suitable for indoors and outdoors and is made from recycled PET bottles. Despite the source material, it is surprisingly soft. It is available in two colour variations with blue or beige trims. The same collection also includes the rounded K-Wait armchairs coming with both a coarse and velvet finish and the retro K-Lux floor lamp.


Functional and aesthetic 

The Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola is a great lover of the 1970s as proven by her dreamy Lunam collection for Kartell comprised of armchairs, ottomans and sofas with rounded corners, complemented by colour-coordinated cushions and the round Carpet Rug. Nicely rounded too are her Undique Mas coffee tables available in powder, grey and orange, as well as the Charla and Clap chairs. The asymmetrical and slightly eccentric Parays rug in Himalayan wool also lacks sharp edges. The celebrated designer's current portfolio also includes the 360-degree turning Shadowmoon lamp for Cassina which can be easily hung over the headboard of the Bio-mbo upholstered bed fitted with handy pockets.

What more to add? Perhaps the wonderful new No Vanitas mirror is decorated with a hand-made glass ornament placed in its centre. Handcraft along with glass and fresh and dried flowers perfectly define the 70s aesthetics also present in the transparent vases Silvan (Cassina), Okra and Jelly (both Kartell). 

Now you have everything you need to enter an iconic interior era in a new way. Enjoy!

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