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2020 has dramatically shifted how we approach work. Shared documents, online meetings, and designated office nooks in our homes have become a new trend. Working no longer equates to eight hours of sitting at one's desk. We got used to making our phone calls in private, to lounge zones, and pleasant spaces that soothe our busy minds. How to make our offices just as nice as our cosy homes? Ask the MDF Italia designers

The designers well understood how the concept of office spaces evolved in recent years. We wish to gather, share our thoughts and ideas there, but simultaneously seek a space where we can focus, one that evokes a homey atmosphere. A team of creatives needs a playful, stimulating surroundings while a busy manager appreciates a space to concentrate and host their guests in. Recently we also got used to shared areas (ideally outdoor terraces) where we can follow the example of Swedes and enjoy a Fika break. Of no less importance are reception spaces that should be inviting to all newcomers. 



This leads us to some of the must-have products a contemporary office should be equipped with. From desks and sofas to armchairs and bookshelves, the high-end products made by the Italian iconic brand, whose name is derived from 'modern design furniture' slogan, are notorious for their timeless quality and minimal design. They can fit into any space whilst retaining charm for a long time. A good example of this is a highly popular product that functions both as a shelving unit and space divider – Minima 3.0. This easily adjustable piece of furniture was designed by Bruno Fattorini who established the company in 1992. Available in black, white, and grey, the product became a key item of the brand's portfolio. The frame and shelves made of lacquered aluminium can be connected and complemented by doors, compartments or left simply as they are. Do you wish to enjoy a life-size lego? The Random collection of furniture allows us to do just that. Coming in a variety of pastel shades and width dimensions, the modules made from MDF boards manage to accommodate files, books, or company magazines. 



Where to sit and enjoy a book? A perfect addition to a terrace is an elegant armchair with a woven seat from the Neil collection, made from a combination of plastics and metal. Available in fabric of different colours such as mustard, sand, or yellow, it is a perfect choice when designing shared open spaces. There is a third option also, the Neil chair with a leather seat which will look especially great in directors' offices. Where to relax and sip your coffee? Take a seat and feel the comfort of the Cosy Island sofa. The collection comprises variously shaped modules that can be arranged into countless combinations – you and your colleagues can sit facing one another, or next to each other, creating a rectangular, square, or circular formation. The cover of the sofa modules are soft and removable, hence, easy to clean. The seating area can additionally be complemented by office side and low tables (Tense, Rock, and Venti). Now, what else could one need to enjoy working? 

Explore the full collection of MDF Italia office furniture.


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