What our customers say

"What I really appreciate about Konsepti is how their team works in harmony and how efficiently it communicates. Both when consulting you in person or choosing for you individual pieces of furniture in their showroom, and when providing you the following services such as ordering, delivery and onsite furniture assembly. One thing was immediatelly clear to me - these people really understand their job and love it at the same time! Fantastic combination.
Keep it up!:)"

Michaela M., Prague


"In 2007, when me and architect Jára Zima from D3A studio started discussing the image of his house (you can see the outcome of these discussions at, an inseparable part of this discussion was the concept of the house interior, or more precisely, its segmentation, structure and functionality. It might seem that at this phase it was not necessary to sort out details regarding the furniture itself; however, since design has always been my big hobby and I like to pay great emphasis to detail, I started already at this early stage to assign possible alternatives of furniture and equipment to each part of the newly built house. Considering the character of the house, which reflects my preferences in functional minimalism (if I can call it so), I decided to opt for traditional italian manufacturers, such as MDF Italia, Moroso and Boffi, and their products now form the principal part of the interior. These companies represent the top in the area of design furniture and that is also why they are being represented by a company which must have a corresponding approach to its customers and which adjusts to its customers individuality as well as the individuality of the space in question. Konsepti is such a company." 

Lukáš Š., Prague