Visual shooting

Our line of business may from the outside seem as a pleasantly spent time in an attractive environment and surrounded by spectacular things.

However, that daily effort to find and convince the customers to purchase our "beautiful, functional and cheap" but genuinely inessential furniture is largely demanding and exhausting. Only for strong personalities. Therefore we also welcome each good opportunity to relax a little and take a look at our work from quite another angle.

Last time we had this chance was when we created the new company identity and company visual. We have already mentioned it last time. The most entertaining part was definitely the shooting. Graphic and creative studio HMS Design ( invited for cooperation photographer Robert Tichý and makeup artist Renata Zelinková, stylist Karolína Ot and some excellent occasional models. It is amazingly misleading to see how harmoniously and "at ease" they all look at these photographs. In reality they twisted, crouched and groaned in incredibly uncomfortable positions submitting to endless attempts to capture this imperishable moment. Any careless movement may have ended up in an injury. In spite of all this, the atmosphere on the spot was joyful and energetic. All participants enjoyed it and the work was smooth.

We would like to share with you a few shots from the process of shooting of our visual. You will be able to see the final result of this work on our website, billboards, in our stores and magazines. And we can only hope now that you will like it.



Enjoy the
photo gallery