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How are unconventional offices built?

We in Konsepti work on an exceptional project. It is exceptional in many aspects: client, budget, assignment, process, partners. Even after 20 years of colourful work in the field, there is still a lot for us to learn. The Client is one of the most followed start-ups in the country. Last year, they acquired the biggest investment and they have been successfully developing their projects in the field of data analysis of social network for corporate clients. 

The budget is really extraordinary, the Client invests all the means in development and does not intend to drown a single futile crown in an "unproductive" interior. Nevertheless, the Client demands an absolutely personal, original, motivational yet uttermost functional interior. A project was created that is somewhere in between a brutal industrial-street concept and punk. In a year, it went through many changes. The authors are T. Prouza and E. Macková from D3A. The whole procedure is extremely difficult, all the participants are heavily tested and everyone has to really expose themselves. Without respect, absolute professionalism and patience, the project would not work for a long time.

It concerns large format offices in the 2nd floor of a Karlín building. The proposal refused dropped ceilings, plasters, carpets or other fancy floor coverings. Everything is exposed, raw, brutal. Only the most important cross bars determining manager offices and conference rooms complete the shipping containers. They are used, sea-wind and saltwater-beaten. They are going to get only the basic treatment. Both the floors are connected with a new internal staircase for easier communication.

We will provide both designer furniture and second hand things. Work is in full swing. However it may not seem like it, in a month it is to be done. Follow the project with us. 


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