From the production of the first swivel office chair in Europe to the full equipment of the office space. Sedus from Germany has been on the market since 1871, when it arose out of a family business. Thanks to its rich history and the heritage of valuable experience from generation to generation, it has something to offer also to the customers today. In a unique manner, it combines tradition, innovation, quality and ergonomics.

Over more than 150 years, the specialization of the Sedus brand has managed to develop into sophisticated office systems. Reflection is important for the company, which is guided by the motto “The Future Needs the Past”. The company’s portfolio ranges from elegant, ergonomic furniture for home offices to innovative solutions which interconnect furniture with digital systems.


Sedus responds to the growing demands on corporate culture and the related needs of people who spend most of their time working in offices. Feeling comfortable in the office and having an uplifting feeling from the environment that surrounds us is an unsurpassed combination. This is where Sedus tries to bring its unique products into our interiors. They are all designed and manufactured in Germany, resulting in products of the highest quality.


A wide range of office chairs is a guarantee that everyone will find the right one for
their needs. Emphasis is placed on materials, ergonomics and functionality, and last but not least on design and a variety of colours. Office desks and office storage elements are also very sophisticated and can be combined to meet the needs of each individual.


Products from the Sedus portfolio will soon be on display and available for testing in our showroom in Holešovice, Prague. Take a look at our selection.

SE:AIR - Chair without the traditional full upholstery, instead, it has a permeable
mesh membrane in the seat and backrest for increased comfort. Different seating positions and movements are optimally supported with the varying degrees of membrane hardness. This easily prevents heat build-up at pressure points and pressure sores as well as sliding on the seat.

SE:KIT - Elegance combined with perfection. The chair follows a modular concept
and its goal is the maximum comfort for the user. You can decide yourself how you would like to have your swivel chair configured and which components you would like to include. This offers the best comfort without compromising on design and aesthetics.

SE:FLEX - Self-adjusting swivel chair suitable for multi-user workplaces. Thanks to
the smart automatic load-adjusting system, it can automatically adapt to all users. At the same time, the backrest can copy every movement of the user, which leads to maximum freedom of movement and healthy sitting in all positions.

SE:JOY - With its modern design, comfortable seating and intuitive functionality, it is ideal for all office spaces where moving around is a daily occurrence - whether
conference rooms, temporary project work zones or home offices.

SE:LAB TWIN - A work desk for two that lets you easily and quickly adjust the
position, making it an effective element to make the most of the office space. It
supports regular changing of position between sitting and standing and is ideal for modern team workplaces thanks to its design and sophisticated appearance.


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