Salone del Mobile: Moroso 2011


Patricia Urquiola has designed the Moroso stand for the international furniture show a t the Milano-rho . A thousand square meters in which the spanich designer gives free rein to her creativity and flair. Every year her spectacularly original, innovative space designs continue to amaze the public.

This year, decorative opulence is replaced by pure architectural elements: horizontal and vertical planes criss-cross to form pavilions containing the stand´s different areas.

This years news come form the designers: P. Urquiola (Gentry SofaBikint, Klara Collection), T. Yoshioka (Moon Chair), Doshi&Levien (Impossible Wood Chair), E. Van Vliet (Buttondown Collection), E. Manferdini (Filigrana), Nendo (Pond), M. Thorpe (Blur Sofa), T. Nguyen (Booklet), F. Rota (Desk One), M. (Tre D), K. (Miss SarajevoBuba) A T. (Stitched).


Tokujin Yoshioka — Twilight

In Moroso showroom in central Milan was seen exhibition „Twilight“ of Tokujin Yoshioka, who´s so known for his experimential installations. This concept was designed for the presentation of his Moon chair.

The installation creates the mood of the whole space with the light and the aura. It would remind people of the natural phenomenon, know as the angel´s ladder.


Diesel + Moroso = Successful Living!

Diesel , Moroso and Foscarini continue thein successful aliance with a priview at the Milan furniture show of the latest designs for 2011.

The collection is composed of Chubby chic collection , an armchair and two pouffes in different sizes which forgo any hint of formal design in favour of snug, casual comfort. The leather belts and handles (normally used for fashion apparel) holding the padding emphasise the roundness of a soft, natural form in a very amusing way.

Another design which is ideal for those who often have overnight guests is Tiramigiú sofa bed.

Lastly, Mindstream cabinet, living room furniture as containers of images and allusions. An almost random layering of images inside the cabinets creates visual worlds shich turn a static object into a dynamic one and offer a new, centemporary form of beauty based on contrasts: high/low, precious/raw, architecture/nature.



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