Outdoor furniture for every occasion

Create a reflection of your interior on the outside of your home and make your garden a place you’ll never want to leave. There is perhaps no piece in our outdoor furniture that does not find its interior counterpart.

Treat yourself not only to outdoor chairs and tables, but also to comfortable armchairs, daybeds, or sofas. Modern pieces of furniture for your garden match the design and quality of interior equipment, but their performance and materials take into account the specifics of the outdoor space. Fabrics are made with regard to resistance to dirt and weather conditions, the finish of wooden and metal surfaces maintains a perfect appearance for a long time.

There are no limits to fantasy

Speaking of patios, most of us probably imagine a table and a couple of chairs or seats. There is no need to be modest, you can take it further. Guests at your party will be delighted with the comfort of outdoor sofas, and in private you will appreciate relaxing in a sun lounger or rocking chair.

Park Life is a collection of outdoor furniture designed for wide use. The design by Kettal is light but very durable, easy to stack, with sophisticated ergonomics.

The modular Senja sofa by Tribú offers the flexibility to configure your seating according to your available space. It is possible to combine individual or multiple modules to create corner or linear seating sets.

Monica Armani upgraded the classic canopy bed with a slimline frame of varnished aluminium. The result is the outdoor Pavilion Daybed, made by Tribú.

The majestic Cala chair by Kettal offers maximum comfort and a feeling of intimacy with its high backrest. A broad selection of individual components enables adapting your armchairs to various requirements.

The innovative and modular Hybrid sofa by B&B Italia honors its name. It can be used both indoors and outdoors - the upholstery is made of waterproof material.


Just like inside, lighting inherently contributes to the resulting atmosphere of your terrace or garden. Avoid underestimating its role and choose unique design pieces that will embellish the exterior day or night. Hanging lamps are a matter of course, but you will achieve an extraordinary effect with pieces designed to stand on the floor.

Hanging and floor lamps Monsieur Tricot in the typical knitted design of the Tribú brand combines traditional techniques with high-performing materials and modern technology.

The minimalist Ipnos floor lamp by Flos is inspired by the classic lantern. In a simple metal structure, light sources are almost invisible.