Me Too


Me Too is a world made for children, the fruit of Magis’ encounter with designers from around the world who can still think, look at things and dream like children.

Me Too: a collection of furniture and accessories created in 2004 to enable children to experience the creativity, sensations and solutions dreamt up by the big names in contemporary design.

The idea of Me Too originally came from Eugenio Perazza, the creator of Magis, a leading firm in the Italian-made market, who wanted to give his granddaughter a table to draw on. Leafing through various catalogues, he realised there was no furniture for children of her age, or even a little older, that offered advanced design characteristics, like grown-up furniture, but also a simplicity of use suitable for little ones.

The Me Too collection is more than simply scaled-down designer furniture; it is an operation that stimulates the designers and the firm to view the world and the objects in it through the eyes of a child. This sensitivity is shared by: Javier Mariscal, creator of Cobi, the mascot for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics; Eero Aarnio, a historic name in Scandinavian design, whose playful spirit was first expressed back in 1968 with Bubble Chair, a hanging seat in the shape of a soap bubble; Philippe Starck, with his iconic, surprising and revolutionary creations, from stools to yachts; Enzo Mari, the rebellious master of Italian and international design; and many more designers from across the globe, who continue their work with Magis, or join the firm for the first time, sharing in the excitement of the highly original Me Too project.

In addition to the creativity of its designers, Me Too is also built on the scientific consultancy of pedagogical experts such as Edward Melhuish, who lectures in Human Development at the University of London, as well as on the experience, technological research and 100%-Italian quality of Magis, to transform this concept of design for children into reality.

Sturdy, lightweight chairs, indestructible rocking horses, storage for hidden treasures, flying carpets and suspended figures, modular beds that can be put together like construction toys, animals for playing or decorating, amusing accessories for both indoors and out, houses to build and live in… Me Too is a colourful, amazing, happy world: just like the children themselves imagine it, together with the great designers and Magis.

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