Dad and the Tree


In early June, the second year of the Art Design Festival "Fragile Mikulov" took place in the charming town of Mikulov. This daring project combines the stunning location (“Moravian Tuscany”), the venerable chateau, fine wine, friendly people and good weather with exhibitions and installations of (not only) contemporary design and applied arts. The Czech authors were joined by foreign artists and galleries. This year, the organizers deserve great praise for the thematic and solo exhibitions. I really enjoyed the products of glass artist Vratislav Šotola, which his daughter Anna presented in pleasantly informal settings under the title “Dad”. The strongest story was associated with a solid wooden table called “Tree”, which was designed by the Olgoj Chorchoj studio. Those interested can drive to the forest, have a picnic, choose a tree and in 12-18 months (when the wood has dried out enough) collect a beautiful table with tree rings in the centre at the very same location from the cabinetmaker. It is a sensitive tribute to the tree and good craftsmanship – a method of establishing intimate personal relationships with nature and natural products. I was really taken by the truly Living Vase by Míša Tomišková. It was just nice to roam the city over the weekend, enjoy the beautiful things, good food and wine and go to the Holy Hill or Laco Deczi’s evening concert. As a bonus, I visited the Zavodný Gallery ( – pure architecture in a slightly "Mediterranean" outfit with modern interiors and irresistible chocolate cake in addition to the flawless coffee. Quite frankly, I'm really looking forward to next year in Mikulov ( DejfRez


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