B&B Italia: News from IMM 2020

Antonio Citterio: Hybrid

After the great success of Ribes, Antonio Citterio developed some design ideas behind it and created Hybrid, an innovative new system of modular seating elements that it is so versatile it can be arranged into an almost infinite number of combinations. 

The key role of the textile dimension stands out immediately, with upholsteries that cover completely the generous padding, the absolute protagonist. These are typical elements of indoor furnishings, which find with Hybrid an outdoor interpretation. Hence the name of the collection, which is proposed as a real link between the inside and the outside of the house. Hybrid represents in fact the perfect furnishing element for climates and spaces that are defined by a continuous blend of inside and outside environments, with rooms that open to an en-plein-air dimension, and for living spaces integrated into terraces and gardens. 

The combination of opposites happens not only visually, but also through the sense of touch. Hybrid guarantees in fact the typical comfort of traditional upholstered furniture for interiors, thanks to a new type of mattress seat conceived for outdoor furnishing. The cushions are actually made with paddings with different densities, carefully designed to pleasantly accommodate the body and support it at the same time, without sinking. 

The supporting structures are almost invisible, and the seat seems to float a few centimeters above the floor. The solid base is formed by a frame in extruded aluminum painted in the colours sage, clay and anthracite, and is completed by a platform with fiberglass slats. The backrest conceals an aluminum structure, covered with soft polyurethane, which is in turn covered with a padded sheath, completed with a cover in waterproof fabric. 

Naoto Fukasawa: Ayana

Minimalist and innovative, the Ayana collection becomes a new chapter in the story that connects B&B Italia to Naoto Fukasawa. It sees wood as the protagonist, interpreted in an unusual way, with a pleasant oriental touch. 

The entire collection is based on structures with a round section, a far cry from the traditional square section that defines many outdoor furnishings. As if they were made of sticks simply set next to one another, the Ayana structures are made of natural teak. The wood is unpainted to allow it to age and evolve in the most genuine way, respecting the intrinsic characteristics of this material. An ancestral choice that recalls ancient tools and primitive constructions, which however conceals ingenious technical solutions. The structures are also distinguished by the presence of invisible joints that do not include metal elements such as screws, but only wooden pins. An aesthetic choice that is also a functional one: in fact, this allows the wood to continue its transformations as weather conditions change, without however causing irreversible cracking or deformation. 

In Fukasawa’s vision, round sections and untreated wood create a more natural look that is completed with a seat style that is halfway between the Far East and contemporary Scandinavian. If the depths and heights are a clear reference to the south-east Asian tradition, the backrest recalls a Swedish wall bar, an exercise equipment turned into a load-bearing element. Thanks to this solution, the elements of the Ayana collection can be enjoyed and appreciated at 360 degrees, discovering on each side a new elegant interplay of intersections and proportions. 

Two and three seat sofas and the armchair have armrests at different heights. The armchair armrest is higher to guarantee a more ergonomic seat. The sofa armrest, which is lower, can be combined with a cushion that is easy to be fastened and removed, and helps to lie down more comfortably if necessary. The upholstery of this collection stands out for the individual cushions, all covered with waterproof fabrics. 

“Is it raining? No it isn’t. Oh, it rains!” 

The first B&B Italia and Philippe Starck partnership created the Oh, it rains! collection which offers a sofa and an extremely elegantly designed outdoor armchair. The visionnary collection fits functionally and perfectly into any public or private environment. 

Oh, it rains! impresses at first glance because of its generous backrest, which provides an intimate and protective space naturally. It has elegant lines and many comfortable optional cushions, and a large backrest with impeccable ergonomics. Form and function combine in a quick and effective movement, which allows the backrest to be reclined during bad weather. It is perfectly suited to any environment, Oh, it rains! combines timeless elegance, maximum comfort and innovative design. 

After years of work, the B&B Italia Research and Development Centre and the creator Philippe Starck have developed an original mechanical joint which allows the backrest to be reclined. The Oh, it rains! Collection’s aluminium mechanism is visible as an evocative element of interaction between form and function. This gives the sofa and armchair the necessary support and stability on any ground or weather condition. 

“ Oh, it rains! is an innovation. It is not about style, not about trend. It is only about the rain. It is high technology with high quality, high intelligence and comfort. It is very B&B.” - Philippe Starck 

The materials used are available in a palette of warm and natural tones ranging from beige to brown, while the raffia-inspired fabrics are water-repellent, making the furniture completely waterproof. 

All elements, including the backrest, are customisable. The seat structure can be integrated with a side table in Mediterranean stone. 

Oh, it rains! can be completely disassembled and, at the end of its life cycle, the materials of each element can be separated, to dispose of them in the most appropriate way according to their type.

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