An experience at wheelwright Lasík´s


If you have a day off or a free late afternoon and are in the mood for a special experience, take out your wheels, preferably a bicycle, and head downstream the Vltava River.

Whether you are starting off from Stromovka or from the other bank along the Troja channel, keep on going along the river and past the zoo towards Klecany. One stretch of the road is still very rocky, but most of it is tarmac with a couple of places along the road for refreshments. When you get to Klecany, make a romantic crossing with the bearded ferryman in the striped t-shirt to Roztoky on the other side. From here, continue on through the stunning Tiché údolí (Quiet Valley) along the creek to Únětice. The trip takes 1 – 1 and ½ hours.

As soon as you pass the first houses, keep your eyes open towards the right side. Unless it’s Monday or Tuesday, after 200 m you will reach the open gates of the homestead of wheelwright Lasík. He has long since passed away but today you will get to meet Míša and Honza, who have purchased the property and are gradually renovating and reviving it as they feel fit. And a feel for it they have indeed, Honza also working for movies with a good eye for props and decorations. A fire truck right in front of the house will catch your attention. Míša has taken to baking and cooking and is also doing great. Her sweet pies, meat pies, vegetable soups and quiche are tastier than those from the French. Everything is delicious, light and affordable. Drinks include lemonade, water or good Únětice beer or unfiltered lager. You won’t find a printed menu and have to try whatever happens to be available, but you won’t regret it. Every piece of furniture unique, the sand pit, the toys, a tricycle, a hamster and Hugo the dachshund…and above all peace and comfort. 

A great place for a bit of rest away from the intensity of the big city. If you are looking for Michelin stars or noble service, give Lasík a pass. But if you miss the feeling of relaxation and a truly authentic experience in the rush of current times, hop on your bike and set off. The weekends are especially lively here. Families, couples, friends and among them many foreigners make the trip to come and see that something so “pleasant and tasty” can be put together by (un)ordinary people.



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