Frequently asked questions

When is the best time to contact us? Is it not too early or late?

Most frequently, it is the moment when the architect completes his study and the scope and form of orders and fulfillment is apparent. In that moment you are highly interested in the probable price of the project. Throughout the discussion we may offer alternate solutions, procedures and personal experience capable of shaping the study better. In reality clients often seek us even earlier and we are actively helpful with practical suggestions and solutions already during the formation of the study.


And why us? Isn't Konsepti a furniture dealer?

Yes. Konsepti has been known first and foremost as a high-end furniture dealer for 25 years. But almost 10 years ago a new department Konsepti Architects Vision was established in Konsepti, dealing with complex interior contracts and eventually even construction contracts. This logically evolved out circumstances, when clients require these services of us more and more. Our expertise has broadened and deepened, the experience and high-quality portfolio of our partners and contractors enabled us to do so.


Isn't Konsepti going to be too expensive?

Of course, there is no Yes-No answer to this. You are not paying for anything you would not receive. Our price corresponds to the content and the quality of the contract and the work. We collaborate with skilled Czech craftsmen and we handpick the perfect ones for each particular contract according to its character. We avoid hiring cheap labor from third world countries, our people need to know how to behave and sometimes operate in private and intimate environment. We secure the material right from the manufacturers or abroad, to avoid unnecessary margins. Our price calculations are transparent and verifiable.


How long can such project take?

That certainly depends on the volume and scope. If we are only talking about the realization itself, a smaller, partial modification can actually take a few weeks; if we are dealing with a complex refurbishment of a villa, it could mean 4-6 months worth of work. However, we need to add up the time required for the study, project documentation and preparation, taking additional months. A crucial obstacle is the timeline of the dealing with authorities (planning permission, announcement, etc.), where there are legal terms that are hard to accelerate in practice.


Can I approach you with my own architect?

Of course. We are prepared and accustomed to playing only the contractors' role. This was even more commonly the case in the past. Every architect has his own manuscript/signature, every contractor a particular range/portfolio and the client his or her idea and style. If these aspects meet each other, the collaboration and, most importantly, the end result will be outstanding.


Do you have enough experience?

Yes we do. Although we haven't got a decade-long experience with construction contracts, we have been realizing various interior project for demanding clientelle for more than 20 years. We have realized a project nearing 100 mil. CZK in volume. We know what high demands, good coordination and project management looks like. The extension of our portfolio towards construction contracts is only a logical extension and our contractors also have many years' worth of experience.


Why shouldn't I arrange the individual professional contracts directly by myself? It will be cheaper.

When the project is smaller, you know the potential/considered contractors well, you don't mind spending time with their verification and evaluation, when you have time for contractual provision, when you enjoy coordinating construction parties, dealing with problems, eventual backlogs, complaints... why not. It might get cheaper with regards to the price offer. However, this might differ in practice: if there are more than 2-3 contractors on the project, if you have a job, if your time has value, if you need time for your family and yourself, choose a general contractor - Konsepti. It will probably end up being less expensive in the end and you will finish in time.


Is it possible to undertake home or flat refurbishment without having to leave it?

It is possible, of course, but it has its pitfalls. It depends on each particular project. Not only are you dealing with a long-term coexistence with dust and noise, your privacy will be compromised and you will share the spaces with strangers - the workers. Another issue could be the need to refurbish in stages, bringing a prolongation and, very likely, an increase in costs. Ideally, a project can be well prepared and planned in the context of some longer planned retreat from the object (holidays, long-term training, vacation in the country house etc.)