Boffi kitchens and bathrooms

 Boffi  kitchens and bathrooms

About Boffi

In contemporary interior design, the Boffi brand is a synonym for innovation and uniqueness in your kitchen or bathroom. Boffi unites a revolutionary design concept (by P. Lissoni, J. Colombo, N. Wangen, P. Urquiola) and the use of advanced materials and technologies, while also providing quality and reliability. The amazing surfaces, sophisticated details and functional delicacies are all waiting for each user. Boffi is an internationally renowned market leader, a trend-setter and the only kitchen producer which was awarded, in 1995, the unique prize of “Compasso d’oro alla carriera”. Whether you use your kitchen to represent or for everyday cooking, you will be impressed.

Draft processing

Our specialists will come to your house; they will take the measurements of the space, process your instructions and discuss the possibilities of the space arrangement with you as well as the appropriate model of the Boffi kitchen. A detailed study of your cooking style and especially your way of stocking the dishes and other cooking utensils is essential. You will hear arguments based on our practical experience.
The result will be a detailed concept: the working drawings including all the necessary details. It is also important to choose the kitchen worktop carefully. When you give us your approval, the whole concept will be verified by experts from the Boffi factory who will also release the final implementation materials. If you agree, within 6 to 8 weeks you will have the extraordinary Boffi kitchen in your home.
Draft  processing

High-tech kitchens

The Boffi kitchens are all equipped with Blum and Hawa brand heavy-duty fittings which have been precisely made of steel and aluminium and are distinguished for their extreme resistance and elegant technical design. Boffi provides a lifetime warranty for its fittings. The large surfaces of the shiny designs are made of polyurethane and are surprisingly resistant. The hobs, fume-hoods, sinks and lighting are minimalistic, sophisticated, highly functional and are produced by specialized partners in a design exclusively made for Boffi.

Delivery and installation

The kitchen will arrive at your home in a separate transport directly from the Boffi factory in Lentate sul Seveso (approx. 25 km northwest of Milan). Our team of trained assemblers will discuss with you in advance the way of transporting and moving-in, the availability of different access routes as well as the construction (taking about 2 to 3 days). By that time, the access routes as well as the size of some of the components must be verified, especially the worktop. The better we prepare the whole event together, the better things will run. The important conclusion is the installation of all technical appliances and clean-up (including all the packaging). The whole process is neither simple nor fast but the joy of design and the utility value of the Boffi kitchen will last you for many years to come.

Cove kitchen island for Boffi

Kitchen appliances

The exclusive German brand of built-in household appliances, Gaggenau, has an over 130 year tradition. Its appliances are distinguished namely by their perfect design, easy control and great functionality. Gaggenau brings the highest quality, a unique design and technology to Czech households that is commonly used in professional kitchens and that will satisfy even the most demanding ones. Since its creation, the company Miele has had the motto “Forever Better”. This is an ambitious principle revealing the high demands the company puts on itself and its products. Improve continually and thus be better than the others – this principle is not a cliché. It is a way of looking at the world, pursued every day by the company direction and its collaborators.


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Sprchy a baterie

Design sprch a baterií Boffi splňují nejvyšší nároky na čistotu tvaru a maximální funkčnost. Jednotlivé prvky dají vyniknout základnímu
tvaru. Používané materiály: nerez, chrom.


Boffi milano 2015

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