Architectural services

 Architectural  services

We can arrange a meeting with a suitable author for clients who have not yet appointed an architect themselves, based on the extent and nature of the job. In addition, we offer comprehensive in-house services in the field of interior design and especially 20 years of experience with top-class interior design - Konsepti Architects Vision.

Our clients can choose from among the following levels of services:

  1. Spatial verification of the layout of the interior (or any part thereof), arrangement and drawing of key furniture items (2D)

  2. Interior study, including materials and colours (2D or 3D)

  3. Interior project, including the drawing of all key details and construction solutions, interaction of individual professions, detailed drawings of unusual elements of the interior, etc.

The following step of the cooperation consists in the arrangement of the architect´s supervision, participation in negotiations with suppliers, consultations of alternative solutions and deliveries, etc. All services are provided by a qualified architect and project manager.

Should the client be interested, we offer free of charge consultations with regard to the evaluation of the project and the selection of the most suitable process. Alternatively, we can send a preliminary price listo of the aforementioned services. If the Konsepti company is selected as the provicer of the interior design works, or any part thereof, the client can be granted a discount on the aforementioned services of up to 100%.

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