AD (architecture, design) work price list

Konsepti offers the work of an interior architect Konsepti Architects Vision, either as a separate activity (service) or ideally together with a subsequent delivery/order.

Price list in effect from 1/12/2018:

Initial consulting (Konsepti showroom), max. 1.5

Interior architect consulting, 1 hour.......990 CZK/h

Each next hour (or partial hour)...........900 CZK/h

Basic interior layout, up to 100 m2 (spatial layout, system solutions, fundamental elements)......max.15.000 CZK

Interior study, up to 100 m2 (complex floor plan solutions, colour and material concept,

interior elements including colour and material finish, budget estimate)......max. 45 000 CZK

Interior project (see study + complex and detailed floor plan solution,

sections, views/, blueprint documentation for production of custom-made items,

recommended elements)......individually but max. 10% of realization volume    

Visualization, basic (without print).......5.000 CZK/option

Visualization, high standard (with print).......15.000 CZK/option


Compensation for AD costs:

If you choose to buy some suggested interior elements or deliveries in Konsepti, you may receive up to a 100% discount on the design and architecture services.

Volume of purchases more than 400 000 CZK......30% discount

Volume of purchases more than 800 000 CZK......60% discount

Volume of purchases more than 1,3 million

Discounts mentioned above apply to cases where the volume of AD work doesn't exceed 60 000 CZK. Every project or purchase can have its individual AD cost compensation.

All the prices are without VAT.