Delivery and installation


The method of delivery is determined by Konsepti, unless stated otherwise in the purchase contract. In case the method of delivery is arranged at the request of the Buyer, he/she bears the risk and possible additional costs connected with this method of delivery.

Unless stated otherwise in the offer or the contract, the price does not include the costs of shipping to the destination. Shipping constitutes a separate item of the offer and derives from the Complementary Services Pricelist which is attached to/enclosed with to each offer.

The discounts stated do not automatically apply to discounted goods.

In case it is necessary due to the reasons on the side of the Buyer to deliver the goods repeatedly or by means of a method other than the one determined in the order, the Buyer is obliged to cover the costs related to this repeated delivery, or as the case may be another means of delivery.

When taking delivery, the Buyer is obliged to verify that the goods packaging is undamaged; in case of any defect, forthwith report so to the carrier.  Should the packaging be found damaged as a result of an unauthorized intrusion, the Buyer is not obliged to take delivery of such consignment. By signing the delivery note, the Buyer affirms that the consignment meets all conditions and requirements and any possible future claim to package damaging cannot be taken into consideration.

Immediately upon the delivery, the Buyer is further obliged to inspect the condition of the consignment along with the carrier and refuse to take delivery of a consignment which is not in accordance with purchase contract by being incomplete or damaged etc. If the Buyer takes delivery of such consignment, it is necessary to describe the damage in the carrier´s handover protocol.

It is necessary to forthwith report any incomplete or damaged consignment to the e-mail address, fill out the damage protocol along with the carrier and send it without undue delay by fax, e-mail or mail to Konsepti. Additional claim for incompleteness or outer damage does not rid the Consumer of his/her right to enforce this claim; however, it gives Konsepti the chance to prove there is no contradiction with purchase contract.


Goods assembly and manipulation

Unless stated otherwise, the price does not include:

  • unloading the goods
  • standard carry-up of the goods
  • moving the goods
  • manipulation of the goods
  • goods assembly
  • refuse collection and disposal.

Costs of the above-mentioned activities constitute a separate item of the offer and derive from Complementary Services Pricelist which is attached to/enclosed with every offer.

Standard carry-up of the goods means manual carrying up the goods up to 100 kg of weight, maximum up to a 3rd Floor, or as the case may be without floor limitation if taken up by lift.

Non-standard carry-up of the goods involves the use of a sky lift, crane etc., or carrying up the goods higher than a 3rd Floor. Such cases become the subject of a separate offer.


Handling over the goods and involuntary storage

The Buyer is obliged to inspect the goods prior to taking delivery and take down in the “delivery note” (handover protocol) any ascertained evident defects and other discrepancies. In case of minor defects which do not prevent usage of the goods, the Buyer is obliged to take the delivery. Hidden defects ascertained later are covered by the guarantee conditions.

In case the delivery consists of goods from various manufacturers with various delivery times, the Buyer is obliged to take partial delivery, unless both parties agree otherwise (in writing). 

In case it is not possible to deliver the goods at the pre-arranged date and time due to objective reasons on the side of the Buyer, Konsepti will store the goods in its storeroom and the Buyer will be charged all costs in their actual amount, unless both parties agree otherwise beforehand (in writing). Konsepti is in such case entitled to request a fee for the expenses of storing and storage costs in the amount of 50,- CZK (forty Czech crowns) for 1m2/item/day of storing, and is further entitled to withdraw from purchase contract. In case of offers exceeding the value of 500.000,- CZK, Konsepti will offer free storage for the time period of max. 14 calendar days.

If the delivered goods is stored in the place of performance and its installation is made impossible without the fault of Konsepti, the delivery is considered proper and the Buyer is obliged to check the quantity of the goods and take delivery – unless both parties agree otherwise beforehand. However, the right following from the complaints procedure is not affected thereby.