Antenna Workspace:

Antenna Workspace

Brand: Knoll
A new workspace fit for task and team. More information

Technical info

Brand Knoll
Designer Antenna Design
Outdoor No


With a planning scheme for both individual and common areas, Antenna Workspaces is a new approach to workplace design that supports the freedom and mobility people seek in today’s office. Across industries, organizations are transitioning to more adaptable furniture and more integrated layouts in order to accommodate the diversity of work modes in the workplace.

Antenna Workspaces begins with a simple, inherently collaborative structure — the table. Building with this basic unit, focus areas and group environments are created by linking desks, adding partitioning elements, and integrating storage. Throughout, the table remains at the heart of the design, giving every Antenna environment — whether private or open plan — a creative, collaborative essence.

Pairing standards of functional simplicity and a pure, honest approach to materials has resulted in a state-of-the-art workplace experience that is as collaborative and dynamic as it is logical and efficient.

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